3 Irritating Twitter Habits to Break Today

For any business trying to gain a social footing, the first baby step to take is to create a Twitter account and reach out to its audience. The power of Twitter needs no mention and its reach has no bounds.

Irritating Twitter Habits

There are plenty of best and worst practices to get started on Twitter, here’s our list of top three bad habits you need to kick today

#FF – Follow Friday Tweets

Giving another business a thumbs up or promoting a resourceful Twitter account is a great thing to do. But, the famous #FF tweets often spiral out of control; resulting in mentions spam.

1. Sending out one or two #FF tweets is definitely cool.
2. Retweeting #FF tweets and hijacking others timelines; not so cool.


A lot of social marketers around the world dread the prospect of logging on to Twitter on Friday, and you know why.

Spammy and Automated DMs

Anybody who’s been on Twitter for even a short while would have definitely received a DM that reads “hey someone is saying dreadful things about you.” This is one of the many spammy DM templates doing the rounds. Never click on such links and do report accounts that send out such messages.

Setting up automated DMs to be sent to followers is not a wise thing to do either. You would have to believe that a person following your account has some interest in what you do or what you tweet. There is no need to send an automated message which again reiterates what you have to offer. And, the fact that it’s automated makes it even worse.

Sometimes, even a personally typed out message comes across as automated, because of this practice. Send a DM, only if you genuinely have something to say.

Overdoing Hashtags

The hashtag is probably the most unique offering from Twitter. It’s a brilliant way to keep track of a specific interest or event.

There are two ways you can overdo hastags:

1. Adding too many hashtags to your tweet is very repulsive. Adding two hashtags or sometimes three is acceptable, anything more is bordering on pitchy or spammy.
2. Continuously tweeting with a trending #hashtag brings out the child, craving for attention in you. Participate and be part of the fun, but never over do it.

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