3 features that you probably don't know about your live chat

We got a huge list of ClickDesk features for your website. But often we notice that many users are missing out on few important features that make us special. Ofcourse, our USPs remain intact – live chat, live VoIP call through browser phone, free local numbers in 40 countries, social toolbar and SLA guarantee.

Besides those, here are the less known and distinguished features of our live chat software.

Use on Unlimited Domains

ClickDesk can be used on unlimited domains with a single account. You do not need to register multiple times or pay for additional live chat licenses. Signup and use the code on any number of websites you run. But, how do you direct visitors of a particular site to a particular operator? Simple – Assign each operator to a new department and paste that respective code on the website. Or assign all the operator to a department and use the same code on all websites. As the incoming website information can be viewed on the IM, the chats can be transferred within the operators on the fly!

Chat or receive calls on Mobile or your Tablet PC

There’s no additional software or mobile applications to install. You can directly receive chats and engage with your website visitors from your IM (gtalk/skype) app on your iPhone, Android, iPad or any smart phone that has the IM. You can even chat from 3rd party apps that you commonly use to login to your gtalk. Just login to your instant messenger and you are ready to receive chats from your website. Chat on the go!

Change Language

Are you on our paid plan? You can use your local language and change the text that appears on the ClickDesk live chat window. We support more than 40 international languages (UTF-8 support). Greet visitors through the live chat in the language in which you developed the content for your website – Buenos días. Bienvenido a nuestro live chat.

Did you try these features?