Top 5 Benefits of Live Chat Software (Infographic)

Live Chat Benefits

Today we’re excited to share a new infographic on the top 5 benefits of live chat software. Earlier this month we highlighted the hidden benefits of live chat for SMBs. But we realize that if you’ve never used live chat on your website before, or if you’re just starting to do some research about the benefits of providing real-time support to your customers, then you might want to see the less-hidden benefits as well!

Custom Email Templates for HelpDesk Responses

Like the old joke says about voting, helpdesk messaging is best done early and often. But seriously, automated responses via email are one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase customer satisfaction. We’re happy to announce that you can now customize the content for automated email responses.

Email Template Customization

How to Keep Visitors on Your Website and Turn Them into Customers

How to Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

So you’ve developed a great new business website and it’s finally live. You spent a lot of time and energy working on organic SEO and your new site is optimized for search engines. In fact, Google Analytics is already showing you that visitors are landing on your pages at an astounding rate. Now it’s time to rest on your laurels and wait for the revenue to roll in, right?

5 Hidden Benefits of Multi-channel Live Chat (Infographic)

Live Chat Benefits

Live chat increase sales, conversions and customer happiness. But when your live chat software is multi-channel, including voice and video chat, email integrations, social media toolbars and even billing integrations, it reaches beyond traditional sales and support to help your business expand in surprising ways.

Check out our new infographic explaining 5 hidden benefits of multi-channel live chat!

3 Ways to Share Visual Content During Live Chats

On Halloween, kids learn that sharing is caring, but here at ClickDesk our live chat customers use visual content sharing to increase ROI every day. The secret is to have at least 3 content sharing tools ready to go when you start your chat sessions. Here are the top 3 this holiday season!

3 Ways to Share Visual Content

We’re Moving!

One of the most popular ClickDesk live chat features is Click-to-Translate, which uses Google Translate to let you instantly translate messages in real time from web visitors all over the planet. And that makes sense. With over 100,000 customers in over 100 countries around the world, ClickDesk has grown into a truly global business. This week, our Hyderabad, India office is moving across town to bigger, better digs to help support our growing staff and customer base. We wanted to take a moment to thank you–our valued customers–for your business and support. We’ll be back next week with more customer service tips and product updates. See you then!

ClickDesk Moving to New Office


Customize Our New Live Chat UI for Agents

It’s no secret. ClickDesk users choose our live chat app because they love their customers. When you love your customers, you want them to have a seamless user experience at every step of the customer journey. With a live chat UI that includes multiple widget styles, white label branding and in-app voice and video chat, we make it easy for you to offer seamless UX for sales and support. But don’t forget about the live chat UI on the other end of the line. Customer support agents: we’ve got your back.

New Live Chat UI for Customer Support Agents

Why Your Logo Design Must Be Adaptable

Since the dawn of marketing, logos were defined as being a stable and fixed brand mark that was the representation of a brand. To alter your logo in any way, shape or form was to change the way customers viewed your business. The old-fashioned way of looking at a company’s brand identity was that change was heresy and would almost certainly spell doom for your organisation. Fast forward to 2015 and things are very different. Most brands (the successful ones that is) have accepted the fact that change is constant and that they must adapt in order to succeed. The need for adaptability has spread to the field of logo design. No longer can you design a logo, sit back and admire your work safe in the knowledge that your job is done for the next couple of generations.

Adaptable Logo Design from the MIT Media Lab

Links in Emails of Chat Transcripts

Chat transcripts help admins keep tabs on agent performance and let agents keep track of what’s been discussed with customers and leads, all with the goal of improving customer happiness. A favorite customer feature of our live chat app is chat transcript automation — not only are chat transcripts created automatically from chat sessions and stored in the ClickDesk app, but they’re also automatically emailed to ClickDesk admins as soon as chats end. Now those emails include direct links to the transcripts in the admin dashboard.

Chat Transcript Automation Link from Emails

How to View All Live Chat Activity

Live chat interactions happen in real time, so your live chat reporting should happen in real time too. At ClickDesk, we’re committed to providing our customers with instant access to actionable live chat data. With that in mind, we’re especially excited to announce a new Chats Overview feature in the ClickDesk dashboard. Get a quick view of every type of interaction with your customers, including live chat activity, missed chats and offline chats (through the chat widget and our email helpdesk).

Live Chat Activity Reports with Chats Overview

The Live Chat Email Marketing Checklist

Email marketing isn’t just an option for SMBs these days–it’s a must. Any growth-oriented business with an online presence knows that email marketing is the most affordable and effective way to scale. And live chat software helps get pre-qualified leads for your email lists. But if you’re spending more time adjusting templates and sitting in marketing meetings than you are creating responsive campaigns and improving them in real time, then you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

ClickDesk's Live Chat Email Marketing Checklist


Notes for Offline Messages and Helpdesk Tickets

Customer service is a team effort. This is especially true when your live chat software supports offline messaging. Handling offline messages and helpdesk tickets efficiently is a top priority for customer support teams, and we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. In order to keep your offline workflow as streamlined as your online chat sessions, we’ve added a useful new tool in the agent panel. It’s called, simply, Notes.

Add Notes to HelpDesk Tickets and Offline Messages

4 eCommerce Benefits of Video Chat Software

We’ve written often here on the ClickDesk blog about the benefits of video chat for customer service, but how does live video chat affect your business? Can it really help with online sales? In short: yes. The effects are remarkable. As our ecommerce customers in over 100 countries have implemented the video chat option on their websites, we’ve discovered hidden ecommerce benefits of video chat software. Thanks to WebRTC, the open project for Real-Time Communications that powers our in-app voice and video chat feature, these benefits are now easily achievable by any size business. Video chat works directly in the browser, no extra installation required.

Video Chat Makes Everybody Happier

GetResponse Integration for Email Marketing

Want more leads? Want to nurture them automatically? Who doesn’t! But how do you ensure that your live support and your lead gen efforts are totally aligned? Say “hello” to ClickDesk’s new GetResponse integration. The seamless live chat integration with GetResponse’s  email marketing software and autoresponders is almost too easy. It helps you make a human connection with your current and future email subscribers, pre-qualify leads, and reach a level of customer engagement with customer happiness as a top priority. 

Live Chat GetResponse Integration for Email Marketing

Maximum Wait Time for Queued Chats

Once you add live support widget to your website, there are busy times, there are calm times, and then there are really busy times. Our chat queuing feature makes it easy to handle even the busiest times on your site or app. To make the process even more streamlined, we’ve enhanced the feature to let you set a maximum wait time for queued web visitors. When the maximum wait time is reached, the customer’s queued chat is automatically disconnected. They can always start another chat.

Set Maximum Chat Wait Time in Queue

4 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List with Live Chat

Email marketing has seen up trends and down trends over the years, but now it’s back to an all-time high. Everyone wants to generate leads and keep them engaged, but too many SMBs get caught up in the idea of growth hacking and forget that for your marketing to work, those leads need to be hot. Otherwise you’re just wasting energy and resources. What’s the secret to growing a high-value email marketing list? Here at ClickDesk HQ, we get as many questions about email marketing as we do about live chat software. Luckily the two smart business practices go hand-in-hand. Understanding how live chat software can improve both the size and the quality of your email lists can save you time and make you money in the long run.

Live Chat Email Marketing with ClickDesk

Chat Transcripts from Last 24 Hours

How do you improve live chat productivity every day? Sometimes the simplest answer is also the most effective: review your own performance. Our live chat analytics are a powerful way to help your customer engagement team improve everything from agent performance and helpdesk response rates to live chat messaging and chat shortcuts. But we know that sometimes smaller is better, so we’ve also added a feature that lets individual agents quickly review all of their chat transcripts from the last 24 hours, right from the agent panel.

Live Chat Transcripts from Last 24 Hours

Knowledge Base Integration with Zendesk & WordPress

A number of leading helpdesk platforms, and even some CMS, are now offering a knowledge base feature. Knowledge bases help your agents find answers to common (and uncommon) questions about your company, product or services. To make it easy for your agents to access this information quickly and efficiently, we’ve built a new integration that connects ClickDesk with your current WordPress or Zendesk knowledge base. Once enabled, your agents will have access to your existing help center directly from the ClickDesk agent panel, making it easy to search the knowledge base while chatting with web visitors or answering tickets.

Knowledge Base Integration with ClickDesk Live Chat Software

How to Convert Customers into Brand Advocates

Whether you’re establishing the online side of your business for the first time or in the process of setting bigger and bigger goals, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for turning customers into brand advocates. Yet research shows that every brand advocate leads to three new leads. As a combined live chat and helpdesk app, ClickDesk offers countless different combinations of live support, offline helpdesk ticketing, email exchange, video chat, calls and screen sharing to increase sales and conversions and solve customer issues. Whatever the size or nature of your business, our customizable live chat software can help you convert customers into brand advocates, starting today!

Happy Customers

Goto URL Shortcut for Link Sharing

Sharing links in live chats just got even easier. We’ve said a thousand times here at ClickDesk that a picture is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to online support, but sometimes a link is worth a thousand pictures. When customers and web visitors are looking for a particular page or wondering how to access something on your site or app, our new Goto URL option makes it easy to share a clickable link in the chat window.

Goto URL Shortcut for Link Sharing